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County-level tourism emerges as a new trend during May Day holiday|In Guangdong We Trust
来源:羊城晚报 云上岭南 作者:刘星彤 发表时间:2024-05-09 23:10

County-level tourism has surged during the May Day holiday, with travelers flocking to destinations such as Yiwu in Zhejiang Province for unique shopping experiences, Zhengding in Hebei Province for a photo-shooting tour with Hanfu (Han-style clothing) in an ancient city, and Huidong in Guangdong Province for a relaxing tour featuring mountains, seas, lakes, and springs exclusive to the Greater Bay Area.

According to data from Meituan, the consumption of local life services in counties nationwide increased by 37% year-on-year during the holiday. The top ten destinations included Dali, Yanji, Pingtan, Yiwu, Jinghong, Dujiangyan, Changsha (County), Enshi, Xichang, and Huidong.

For instance, Pingtan County in Fujian Province saw over adult 310,000 tickets sold in the morning for its "68 Sea Mile Scenic Area", thanks to the popularity of the marine wonder "sea fireflies".

In Yiwu International Trade City, tourists flocked to District Five, Import Commodities Mall, which offers over 150,000 specialty products from more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. It witnessed over 52,000 trips in the initial four days of the holiday.

Huidong County in Guangdong, known for its coastal attractions like Xunliao Bay, Sanjiaozhou Island, and Shuangyue Bay, boasts a blend of distinctive Lingnan natural scenery and historical culture.

Apart from its coastal attractions, Huidong County offers popular destinations like Pinghai Ancient City and Huizhou Coast Hotspring Resort. With its rich resources of mountains, seas, lakes, and springs, Huidong provides tourists with diverse and captivating experiences, making it an ideal destination to escape the urban hustle and bustle and explore highlights of the blue ocean, clean environment, revolutionary culture, and ancient traditions.

Data from Tujia.com indicates that Nan'ao County in Shantou, representing Guangdong Province, has also made it to the top ten list of popular county destinations for the May Day holiday, alongside other destinations like Pingtan County in Fujian Province, Huairou District in Beijing, and Anji County in Huzhou.

County-level homestay tours offer a unique charm compared to crowded traditional tourist destinations. Nan'ao, the only island county in Guangdong, provides a tranquil seaside experience, while Zhengding offers vibrant night markets, and Taijiang hosts lively village basketball matches. Each county has its own distinctive activities.

A representative from Tuniu.com noted, "More and more young tourists are turning their attention to counties. While getting away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and traditional popular destinations, they delve deeper into the local culture by visiting ancient villages, participating in folk activities, tasting authentic local cuisine, and experiencing traditional crafts."

It is reported that nearly a thousand county-level attractions have been added to the platform Ctrip.com since the beginning of this year. Additionally, since December 2023, 127 new 4A-level attractions have been established in ten provincial-level administrative regions, with 65% of them located in counties and county-level cities.

Industry insiders believe that as young tourists gradually emerge as the main force in the tourism market, emphasizing cost-effectiveness and personalized experiences, they are driving the continuous popularity of county-level tourism.

Source :Yangcheng Evening News

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