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'Off-season ice and snow tourism' becomes a new growth engine for cultural and tourism development in the GBA
来源:羊城晚报 云上岭南 作者:沈钊 发表时间:2024-07-09 21:24

As temperatures gradually rise, "off-season snow activities" have become a new choice this year for residents to cool off and relax during the summer. According to reports from Meituan on July 8th, indoor skiing training orders in Guangzhou saw a 95% month-over-month increase in June. In July, business orders in the "skiing venue" in Shenzhen surged by 160% compared to the previous year, with a corresponding 183% increase in the number of orders placed.

"This winter wonderland allowed me and my child to experience how joyful winter can be." This summer vacation, Ms. Huang from Guangzhou brought her daughter to play at the Grandview Penguin Snow World in Guangzhou. She praised the rich variety of entertainment options, saying, "Giant snowmen, super long ice slides, curling matches, snowball fights, even cute penguins, and so on. It truly feels like we've stepped into Antarctica!"

In addition to activities like curling, penguins watching, and snowball fights, venues such as Bonski also offer snow tubing, bumper cars on ice, glacier leaps, and adventure trails. They have developed various entertaining options such as parent-child trips and study tours. A person in charge from Bonski mentioned that indoor skiing has recently entered its peak season, and the group-buying packages for these activities on platforms have been extremely popular, enriching consumer choices and generating substantial economic benefits for the venue.

According to restaurant- and cafe-rating platform, Dazhong Dianping, in June this year, searches for "Guangzhou Sunac Snow Park ski tickets" increased by 215% compared to the previous month. Searches for "Shenzhen indoor skiing venues" also saw a 62% month-over-month rise. Shenzhen Karoo Ice and Snow World and the Alps Station in Window of the World experienced search increases of 87% and 95.5%, respectively, making them popular destinations for summer outings.

The popularity of snow and ice activities extends across the entire Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). Many tourists from Hong Kong and Macao take advantage of their holidays to visit Guangdong for snowy entertainment and to enjoy a different summer experience. Various social platforms are flooded with travel guides and reviews on how to get to Guangdong for skiing, where visitors spontaneously check-in and share their joyous snow and ice adventures, complete with dining, entertainment, and leisure activities.

The person in charge from Bonski also indicated that since its opening, the venue has been highly popular among residents of the GBA. During this year's Easter holiday period in Hong Kong, overall visitor numbers increased by over 40% compared to the previous year, reaching the highest daily peak since its opening. To better cater to visitors from Hong Kong and Macao, the venue has introduced Eternal East Buses and launched a series of online ticket discount promotions specifically targeting these tourists.

Industry insiders believe that with the establishment of the GBA living circle, travel and communication between Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao are becoming increasingly convenient. Emerging cultural and tourism consumption forms like winter sports in summer will continue to inject new vitality into the cultural and tourism sectors of the GBA. This trend will provide local residents with more convenience and enjoyment in their daily lives and travel experiences.

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