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Cutting-edge technologies highlight Guangdong's confidence in industrial development
来源:羊城晚报 云上岭南 作者:许张超、孙晶 发表时间:2024-03-27 23:45

Guangdong is continually revealing cutting-edge technologies, injecting confidence into the province's industrial advancement. Among these innovations are the world's first whole-body 5.0T MRI scanner, domestically manufactured single-port laparoscopic surgical robot SP1000, the first homegrown high-resolution 3D color ultrasound machine R9, EHang's EH216-S—the world’s first passenger-carrying UVA system that has obtained Type Certificate and standard Airworthiness Certificate for pilotless passenger-carrying eVTOL aircraft, and XAG's agricultural drone, honored as a national champion in the manufacturing sector.

In recent years, Guangdong has transitioned from the leading province in traditional automobiles to the largest province for new energy vehicles. The automotive industry serves as a microcosm of Guangdong's advancement in new quality productive forces. In 2022, the industry marked a significant milestone by surpassing a trillion yuan in turnover for the first time, establishing itself as the eighth industry cluster in Guangdong with a trillion-yuan output value. By 2023, the province's production of new energy vehicles soared to 2.5318 million units, comprising 26.8% of the national total and witnessing a remarkable year-on-year growth of 83.3%. Notably, for every four new energy vehicles produced in China, one proudly bears the label "Made in Guangdong."

As far back as 2020, Guangdong set forth plans for ten strategic pillar industry clusters and ten strategic emerging industry clusters. Presently, the added value generated by these 20 strategic industry clusters contributes 40% to the province's GDP. Among them, eight trillion-yuan-level industry clusters have taken shape, including new-generation electronic information, green petrochemicals, intelligent home appliances, advanced materials, modern light industry and textiles, software and information services, modern agriculture, foodstuffs, and autos.

Recently, Guangdong's industrial economy has experienced a promising start, marked by accelerated industrial production and investment. According to the latest data from the Bureau of Statistics of Guangdong Province, the added value of industries above the designated size in the province reached 0.55 trillion yuan from January to February, 2024, reflecting a noteworthy year-on-year increase of 10.6%. Notably, the output of mobile phones, integrated circuits, and optoelectronic devices surged by 42.9%, 56.6%, and 38.1%, respectively. Furthermore, industrial investment rose by 26.3% year-on-year, with significant investments observed in advanced manufacturing and high-tech manufacturing, soaring by 26% and 38.1% respectively.

Known as the "world's factory," Guangdong boasts a robust industrial foundation. This strength serves as the backbone for the province's strategic planning in emerging industries. For instance, the industry of new-generation electronic information stands as the province's largest pillar industry, dominating the national industry scale. In the realm of high-end equipment manufacturing clusters, components like numerical control systems, rails, and electric spindles lead domestically. In the frontier of new materials industry clusters, overall industry development ranks at the forefront nationwide. Moreover, the rapid development of the new energy industry cluster has emerged as a significant highlight in the province's industrial landscape.

Amidst ongoing waves of technological transformation, new industries are being birthed. Sora, OpenAI's new text-to-video generator released in 2024, has reverberated across the global tech community. SpaceX's Starship megarocket completed its stunning third unmanned flight test, while the world's first unmanned "air taxi" makes its debut on Taobao's industrial products platform. Beyond these significant milestones, Guangdong is observing the rise of industry-leading enterprises like UBTECH, CASIC Aerospace, and EHang in future intelligent equipment sectors such as humanoid robots and aerospace. 

With pioneering Guangdong enterprises breaking through barriers, the future is swiftly becoming a tangible reality.

Source:Yangcheng Evening News







当前,一波波技术变革,正在催生新的产业。Open AI 今年发布的文生视频模型 Sora 震撼全球科技圈,SpaceX 星舰的第三次无人飞行测试,全球首台无人驾驶“空中的士”上架淘宝工业品……记者注意到,在人形机器人、空天装备等未来智能装备细分领域,广东也涌现出优必选、中科宇航、亿航等一批行业领先的骨干企业。


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