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Dongguan releases latest city promo video
来源:羊城晚报 云上岭南 作者:余宝珠 发表时间:2024-01-10 23:31

On January 7th, Dongguan City unveiled its urban image promotional video titled "What is the full picture of Dongguan" to present a city that embodies both a rich historical heritage and contemporary trends. Fearless in the face of challenges, Dongguan has forged its own path of innovation and progress.

Since its release, the new promo video has taken the internet by storm. Within less than three hours of being posted on its video platform, the video garnered over 100,000 shares. And within four hours, it exceeded 100,000 recommendations. The number of likes surpassed 100,000 within 10 hours. Netizens exclaimed that Dongguan truly lives up to its reputation as a city that thrives amidst challenges.

"While everyone knows about Dongguan, very few truly understand what the true picture of Dongguan is." This is the beginning of the video, which brings the viewers directly into the scene of the famous destruction of opium at Humen. The promotional video is divided into four chapters, named "Between the River and the Sea," "Between Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland," "Between China and the World," and "Between the Present and the Future."

With the Pearl River to the south and the vast sea to the east, Dongguan boasts hills and plains. Over the past 1600 years, the people of Dongguan have continuously battled with the natural environment, transforming the city into a land of abundance and cultivating early handicrafts and commerce. As the gateway to southern China, Dongguan has played a brave role in modern history, emerging as a place of national awareness and heroism. The video that eloquently narrates the city's development and connects it to the present takes the audience on a journey through history, fully presenting Dongguan's immense strength. By examining its geographical space, historical continuity, modern national awareness, and the impact of reform and opening up, the video highlights the blueprint of Dongguan's transformation into a city where GDP has surpassed one trillion yuan and a population exceeded ten million.

The entire promotional video demonstrates how Dongguan, located at the narrow gateway between the Pearl River and the South China Sea, has generated a positive and competitive spirit amid the waves of reform. It has also fostered a spirit of innovation and determination amidst the uncertainties of global competition. This showcases Dongguan's long-term planning for today and the future and evokes a sense of pride in many netizens. Numerous comments and likes from netizens for the promotional video show their deep recognition and pride in Dongguan's rapid development.

It is worth noting that 36 years ago, Dongguan was upgraded to a prefecture-level city. The choice of January 7th for the video release holds profound meaning. According to incomplete statistics, since the beginning of the reform and opening up, approximately 220 million people have visited Dongguan. The city's development is inseparable from the great builders and pioneers of this era. The video pays tribute to the great era of reform and opening up and the hardworking individuals who contributed to it, conveying the warmth and strength of Dongguan. "They have explored, pioneered, toiled and constructed, shaping Dongguan into an inclusive, pragmatic and down-to-earth city," the video concludes.








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