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[Gourmet of Lingnan] Playing an"unconstrained" dessert concerto under Canton Tower 【食尚岭南】面朝“小蛮腰”,奏响“无框架”的甜点协奏曲
来源:羊城晚报 云上岭南 发表时间:2023-11-03 10:25



In traditional perception, desserts are always considered as accessories to the main course in Western cuisine, providing a perfect ending to a meal. Therefore, even in renowned special Western restaurants, French desserts must be designed and made for the main course as an extra touch of elegance.

如果甜点成为主角,也分开胃菜、前菜、汤、主菜会是怎样的奇妙有趣?在“NATUR Plateddessert馟”,主理人赖浩彦给了我们答案。

If desserts become the protagonist and are separated into appetizers, starters, soup, and main courses, what kind of wonderful and interesting experience would it be? At NATUR Plated Dessert Tu, the chefLai Haoyan has given us the answer.


Nowadays, French and Italian desserts are popular. However, Lai Haoyan holds an interesting perspective: desserts don't have to be sweet. He bravely challenges tradition and explores more possibilities for desserts. As a result, this exquisite dessert restaurant was born under Canton Tower in the Haizhu District. Currently, only six guests are served here each day at the chef's table. Guests can enjoy the desserts served one by one while admiring the distant view of the Canton Tower.


The menu of this restaurant is very special, with retro black and white printing and hand-drawn dessert sketches by the chef... It is a bit difficult to imagine the restaurant. However, from the description of the ingredients, it is easy to understand that this is not a traditional French dessert restaurant.


Bitter melon, dried plums, West Lake Longjing tea, Ganzhu Brands Canned Fish, turmeric, and fermented rice…These Chinese elements seem to remind you intentionally or unintentionally that desserts may not necessarily be sweet, and local ingredients can also blend with international dessert culture.


In addition to putting a lot of effort into the fusion of Chinese ingredients and Western desserts, this restaurant is also committed to creating a refined dessert brand that focuses on sustainable development, achieving a "food closed-loop" by making full use of it. What is a closed-loop? It means that when making each dessert, the aim is to maximize the utilization of ingredients, not simply recycling, but through artistic presentation.


For example, the main dessert, Fresh Milk with Turmeric, is made of fresh milk cooked into thin strips like rice noodles and turmeric soup, creating a contrast between hot and cold. The leftover ginger is made into ginger brittle and placed on top of the milk ice cream like a delicate hat.


Artistic desserts may still be novel for people in Guangzhou, but the Guangzhou catering market is competitive and comprehensive, and this dessert concerto is also welcomed. If you want to have a refined experience beyond just "a piece of cake and a cup of tea", why not join the chef and enjoy this "unconstrained" dessert journey together?