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In-Depth|Why is Dongguan the "Capital of China's Designer Toys"?
来源:羊城晚报 云上岭南 作者:王雷 发表时间:2023-07-19 14:17

The 13th China International Animation Copyright Fair (ACTIF2023) will be held from July 20th to 23rd at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie Town, Dongguan City.

It is learned that, at the opening ceremony of ACTIF2023, Dongguan will receive a plaque as the "Capital of China's Designer Toys", becoming the only city in China with this title.

Here comes the question: why is Dongguan the "Capital of China's Designer Toys"? To answer the question, a reporter from Yangcheng Evening News recently conducted in-depth research on the current development of Dongguan's designer toy industry, trying to sort out the reasons behind such achievement.

A full-fledged industrial system with leading intelligent manufacturing technology

Dongguan, one of the youngest cities in China, enjoys a permanent population at an average age of 33.4 years old. In recent years, relying on the foundation of fashion industries such as animation, toys, and clothing, Dongguan's designer toy industry has developed rapidly, showing a growing vitality and fashion.

Dongguan's toy manufacturing industry started in the early stages of the reform and opening-up policy that began in 1978. Total toy production accounted for 30% of the global output at its peak, making it one of the eight pillar industries in early Dongguan. Currently, Dongguan has over 4,000 toy manufacturing companies and nearly 1,500 upstream and downstream supporting enterprises, emerging as the largest toy export base in China.

Dongguan's toy manufacturing industry, including the kind of designer toys, has a full-fledged supporting industry chain and supply network from designing to manufacturing, such as modelling design, raw material supply, mould processing, component manufacturing, and assembling.

The industrial cluster effect boosts rapid growth

The outstanding industrial cluster effect has driven the rapid growth of the designer toy industry. According to current statistics, 25% of global animation derivatives and nearly 85% of designer toys in Chin are produced in Dongguan.

The relevant person in charge of Dongguan Fengda Electronic, a subsidiary of Kader Group, said that the company has produced more than 40 new train models this year, of which 90% are sold overseas.

The car models produced by Sum's Model Toys Co., Ltd. have 127 sales agents worldwide, including 28 in China. According to the chairman of the company, "Based on the existing orders on hand, we expect our sales to increase by over 50% this year."

IP incubation capability leads the 2.0 industry

It is learned that the current designer toy enterprises in Dongguan are mainly divided into different categories: some design and product original IP or authorized IP, and some engage in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) processing.

In terms of OEM processing, well-known cartoon derivatives of works such as Hello Kitty, Doraemon, and Snoopy have production lines in Dongguan.

In terms of authorized IP, Dongguan Haoqile Culture Industry Co., Ltd. has deep cooperation with several well-known IPs abroad, including Warner Bros.'s "Tom and Jerry", "Batman", "Justice League", "Harry Potter", and so on.

Dongguan Jolly Baby is committed to creating a new IP of the classic collection of Chinese mythology called "Classic of Mountains and Seas" (Shanhai jing in Chinese), bringing new energy to the traditional Chinese cultural IPs. The company's brand promotion manager believes that Dongguan's designer toy industry has entered the development 2.0 stage.

It is also reported that Dongguan will put more effort into the Leading Designer Toy Industry Plan to strengthen its signature of "Fashion Dongguan" and enhance the influence of the China International Animation Copyright Fair by building the "Capital & Center of China's Designer Toys" Project.













IP孵化能力提升 产业进入2.0时代





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