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Foreign tourists fall in love with China travel
来源:羊城晚报 云上岭南 作者:刘星彤、梁善茵 发表时间:2024-05-30 22:55

Since the beginning of 2024, the inbound tourism market in China has seen a rapid revival. Visitors from around the world are marveling at China's scenery, savoring its culture, and deeply experiencing the unique modern beauty of the Chinese nation, falling in love with their "Cultural China Journey."

Foreign tourists' museum bookings increase tenfold

Clarisse Le Guernic, a French national who has been living in China for nine years and works in the tourism industry in Shanghai, has observed a notable "return" of foreign tourists this year.

"Recently, we have been organizing tours almost every day, with a ratio of foreign to Chinese clients at about 6:4." During her tours, Clarisse has noticed changes in tourists' preferences. "Previously, many tourists focused on visiting major attractions like the Bund, Yu Garden, Nanjing Road, and Xintiandi. Now, they are proactively requesting activities such as walking along Suzhou Creek and exploring the plane tree-lined areas in depth."

Inbound cultural tourism has been particularly popular this year. Platform data shows that since the beginning of this year, foreign tourists' bookings for museums in China have increased tenfold compared to last year. More and more foreign visitors are delving into Chinese civilization through museum visits.

Some adventurous foreign tourists are also embracing local customs, participating in rural banquets, experiencing ethnic minority cultures, savoring spicy hotpots in Tianshui, and watching village basketball games in Guizhou. They are following cultural tourism trends to experience the diverse facets of China.

Experiencing traditional and modern China

Rafael Saavedra, a short video blogger from Venezuela, has lived in China for nine years. For this year's Lantern Festival, he donned a red jacket with a dragon motif and went to Huizhou, Guangdong, to watch the grand dragon dance parade featuring 18 national intangible cultural heritage dragon dance teams. "It was my first time seeing so many dragon dance troupes. I felt the diversity and charm of Chinese culture. Participating in these festive activities allows me to better understand the family culture and history of China."

As a long-term resident of Shenzhen, Rafael believes, "The moment you step into this city, you can feel its modern vibe. From High-tech Park and Shekou to Shenzhen Bay Park, there are skyscrapers as well as outdoor spaces for running and cycling."

Elizabeth, a Russian student pursuing a master's degree in Chinese Studies at Jinan University, finds Guangzhou to be a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures. "Walking through Guangzhou, I see classical temples standing alongside skyscrapers and modern buildings. Together, they create a seamless blend of past and present, and it feels like stepping into a time capsule."

In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys traveling to different cities to learn about local cultures. "From the Greater Bay Area to Shanghai, Nanjing, Xiamen, and Harbin, every journey is unforgettable. My favorite is Guangdong, where I can watch lion dances in Foshan and admire Lingnan architecture in Zhongshan, immersing myself in the atmosphere of traditional Chinese art and culture."

Tourism and consumption made easier

During the interview, Rafael Saavedra was on a high-speed train from Shenzhen to Pingxiang, Jiangxi, for filming. "I love high-speed trains just as much as I love other things of China. They're clean and convenient. Even as a foreigner, I can book tickets online, and with just my passport, I can check in and board within minutes. The stations have detailed English signs and guide services, making them very foreigner-friendly."

As a global travel blogger, Ken Abroad from Germany has visited China twice, exploring cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Harbin, Hong Kong, and Macao, documenting his trips in videos. Initially, he needed friends' help for electronic payments, but on his recent trip to Guangzhou, he could use his foreign bank card to link with mobile payment apps. This allowed him to independently book train tickets, ride the subway, and haggle at food stalls. "It's so convenient!" Ken frequently exclaimed.

Source: Yangcheng Evening News




在上海从事旅游业的乐盖曦(Clarisse Le Guernic)来自法国,在中国已生活9年。她深刻感受到今年以来外国游客明显“回归”。





委内瑞拉的短视频博主拉斐尔(Rafael Saavedra)已在中国生活了9年。今年元宵节,他特地穿上印有龙形图案的红色外套来到广东惠州,观看由18个龙舞类国家级非遗代表性项目组成的龙舞大巡游。“我第一次见到那么多的龙舞队伍,感受到中国文化如此多元和有趣。通过参与这些节庆活动,我能够更深入地理解中国的家庭文化和历史。”






作为全球旅游博主,来自德国的Ken Abroad已两次来访中国,打卡了北京、上海、广州、西安、哈尔滨、香港、澳门等多个城市并拍摄成体验视频。最初他还需要友人帮助进行电子支付,但最近一次到广州,他已经能用外国银行卡绑定手机支付软件,独立订火车票、坐地铁、到小吃摊砍价买东西……“这太方便了!”Ken把这句话挂在了嘴边。

文丨记者 刘星彤 梁善茵